Social Engineering

With use of sophisticated Cyber defense mechanisms attackers had to look for some method to deliver their malicious payloads into the deepest enterprise networks. In the last two years the most sophisticated attacks have been conducted using the Social Engineering attacks like Spear phishing and watering hole attacks.

Defense against such attacks require the following processes to be implemented by Organizations.

  • Regular Security Awareness and Training Programs.
  • Mature email and web content Filtering Systems.
  • Visibility on incidents through SIEM and Security Incident Management programs.
  • Helps organizations access their preparedness against social engineering attacks.
  • Helps measure the effectiveness of their security awareness programs..
  • Effective workshop for awareness against social engineering attacks.
  • Assurance to client and business partners that your employees are able to identify engineering attacks and successfully report them as security incidents.

Social engineering assessment is a Security assessment conducted to test the readiness and preparedness of organizations to identify, contain and remediate social engineering attacks. Regular testing of your response against such attacks helps an organization to understand the gaps in the defense processes and help them implement additional control to mitigate these risks.

ISecurion helps organization in planning and conducting a comprehensive Social engineering Security assessment on their enterprise networks. As part of the assessment we set up a Phishing and watering hole infrastructure inside the customer network and conduct tests on random users and record the response from users and the existing Security Controls. The results from these tests help us in understanding the current Security posture and preparedness against defending such attacks.

Common attack methods that are tested

  • Spear Phishing attacks.
  • Pretexting attacks.
  • Watering hole attacks
  • Phone based social engineering
  • Baiting social engineering attack.