Mobile Application Security

Mobile Application Security Testing

ISECURION Mobile Application Security Service helps organizations in securing their Mobile Applications and Services on different platforms and environments like IOS, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft and Symbian platforms.

Our comprehensive assessment methodology helps client secure their data while reducing risk and increasing mobility.

  • Identify critical security vulnerabilities in mobile applications.
  • Evaluates risks and potential impact on business.
  • Leverages proprietary and up-to-date mobile application testing process consisting of over 100 mobile-specific checks.
  • Comprehensive methodology, and strict quality control to ensure almost no false positives.
  • Build knowledge of testing techniques, issues, and remediation. to ensure a secure SDLC in future.
  • Assurance to client and business partners that your mobile application is secure.
  • Adopt best practice by conforming to legal and industry regulations.

Our methodology for mobile application Security Testing is based on the following approach

Information Gathering

The objective of this phase is to gather information regarding mobile application structure which includes IT components details, functionality, services and existing security controls.

Threat Profiling

In this phase, applicable threats are identified in different layers of application architecture from different sources such as hackers, malicious users etc.

Technical Security Assessment

In this phase, manual test cases will be developed for each application. The generic test cases are customized for each application based on the threat profile and its functionalities. These test cases will be executed by the testing team. Any vulnerability identified during the manual testing will be document with the required evidence and POC

Documentation of Findings with Recommendations

In this phase we collate the findings, prioritize the vulnerabilities and provide a detailed recommendation.