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Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure are a growing problem

How Secure are your ICS/SCADA systems?

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Hundreds of web application bugs detected daily

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Millions of malicious attacks hit your application and networks

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APT are the biggest threat to blow a company's reputation

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Welcome to isecurion

ISECURION is an ISO 27001:2013 Certified information security consulting company providing out-most service quality, innovation and research in the field of Information Security and Technology. We provide a unique blend of services to our customers catering to the current information security landscape.

Our Services

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing

According to a Gartner Report, 75% of attacks today occur at the application level. A Forrester survey states that "people are now attacking through applications, because it's easier

Web Application Security Assessment

With the advent of new rules and regulations internationally and adaption of new business models the need for regulatory compliance has significantly increased. Any organization

Mobile Application Security Testing

ISECURION Mobile Application Security Service Offerings help organizations to secure their Mobile Applications and Services on different platforms and environments like IOS,

APT Security Assessment

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) is a threat in the form of a highly skilled motivated attacker with determined objectives to cause Intellectual property, reputation and financial and data loss for the targeted organization. To pursue its objective

Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud computing offers some significant advantages to organizations, including hardware independence, reduced costs, high availability and flexibility. But with the benefits it has brought risks that have forced organizations to rethink about their confidentiality

Incident Response and Forensics

Today’s security breach is more targeted towards data exfiltration which in turn leads to reputation, legal issues and huge financial loss for an organization. The key to containing such security breaches is by identifying them in their early

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